5 Replies to “Stearns Lending”

  1. There wasn’t a lower rating then this.

    KEVIN GIFFORD remember this name! If you are considering working with this lender ,DON’T! Unless you like to be ignored, left in the dark and have virtually NO COMMUNICATION on one of the biggest decisions of your life, he’s your guy!

    I went into contract on the 28th of July, it’s now the 5th of August. I haven’t received one disclosure. I don’t know what any of the closing cost are, the appraisal hasn’t been ordered, and he ignores my realtor. And he is a manager!

    KEVIN GIFFORD fraud!

    What i experienced was deceptive treatment and am filling a formal complaint also.

    KEVIN GIFFORD worst loan officer!!

  2. David was on the ball. He immediately responded to any question or concern we had. He did everything in his power to make this experience as smooth as possible.

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