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  1. Due to the long, wet winter in NorCal, my loan took over a year to close. My loan processor, Kelly, was awesome! She kept me in the loop and was clear about what verifications and other information she needed. Highly recommend!

  2. I went to Cascade 10 months ago from 7 Dec. 2018 for the purpose of purchasing a ranch. For the following 8 months, what should have only taken 2, turned into a living nightmare.

    I am a retired combat vet and was using my VA loan to purchase a 160k ranch home in Dragoon, Az.
    While the staff are kind enough and polite, they lack the efficiency and training to work with the VA.
    I also Caution consumers who insist on using Cascade to watch your numbers and closing.
    When I first spoke with Cascade, I told them upfront that I had 3k for Closing to which they originally agreed; and the seller only had 4k for Closing & Costs to which Cascade agreed.
    When the deadline was approaching to close, Cascade raised the stakes and was looking to charge me over 8k in Closing plus additional fees for an Easement that does not exist on the ranch.
    It wasn’t until the Seller & I both turned to Sunstreet Mortgage that Cascade decided to step up their game and wanted to start working “diligently” to close, but by then; we (sellers & I) had already had enough.

    In just short of two months time, not only did Sunstreet Mortgage complete the entire process to close and process everything, but immediately turned the financing over to Pioneer Title, who not only got my loan approved, but also handed me a closing cost of less than the original submitted budget.

    I am now a proud Owner of a part of Arizona and am a significant piece of her Legacy.
    See photos Enclosed!

  3. My daughter was trying to buy a little mobile home on property. At 96000. Originally she was buying a new home and land package at the same price from a dealer. Closing costs were around 7000. When affordable land could. Not be found she went with a little mobile already on property for exactly the same price. The owner agreed to pay 4000 of closing cost which now had gone up to 12000. Should have been 8000 for my daughter to pay but no they somehow added more fees including his 4000 still coming up with her to pay 12000. This brings closing costs now up to 16000. Something wrong with this picture. Unbelievable

  4. Skyler Demel was very attentive. It was a pleasure working with him. No matter how many times we called he always answered and eager to help.

  5. I have been with this company for years unfortunately I can’t find any other mortgage company that will finance our modular home. From day one this company has been horrible to work with. They don’t do auto payments and also don’t allow over payment!!! Their customer service is absolutely the worst rude and think they are better and know everything. They have no concern about your situation. I called today regarding a possible scam and asked if they would like the information to pass it onto higher up for concern of other customers I was told there a lot of scammers. They had no concern that someone was trying to take advantage of their customers. I would rather pay a higher rate then deal with these idiots!!!

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