5 Replies to “T-Mobile”

  1. Great customer service! Employee was very helpful and was able to answer all my questions! Happy with my t-mobile service and my local store!

  2. Customer friendly employees. Offering the best promotions and the best service. Highly recommended!

  3. They weren’t helpful at all and very rude . They were all just sitting there talking and some on their phones.

  4. I can’t believe the ratio of 5 star reviews this place has compared to 1 stars. This is by and far the worst Tmobile store I have ever had the displeasure of working with. The “Uncarrier Experts” (employees) know absolutely nothing about their products. A few weeks ago my mom went in for a new charger and they sold her the wrong one, swearing it would still work with her phone. While charger knowledge is not something the older generation has, it is something elementary children have, and anyone born 80’s to 90’s, so this is condemning in and of itself. They are incredibly unfriendly and unhelpful, knowing nothing about their own deals and how to set things up. When we lived in the Phoenox area, my wife worked for Tmobile, so we are very familiar with how these stores should function. When we came back to Douglas we switched to Verizon, thinking we would get better coverage in the more rural areas as I work for the college and travel constantly. We’ve regretted it, and finally made the switch back to Tmobile. However, the store here was so unhelpful (they expected us to call tech support ourselves to set up our own service!) that I would never in a million years recommend this store to anyone. Unfortunately, we will be doing all of our Tmobile related business in Sierra Vista from now on. I grew up here; businesses like this in Douglas have a reputation of less than stellar employees who don’t care about the quality of their work, due to most of them bleeding out from the call center and not knowing what real work ethic is. Way to not break the mold.

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