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  1. I gave this place a good review when I first opened my account but after having the account for several months I will be switching banks.

    Twice I couldn’t use the ATM because it was doing something other than dispensing money, I’ve paid bills through them only to have it take several days to complete if not an entire week and the app is always alway alway behind on what has actually is going on with my money.

    I gave it two stars only because the building is nice and so are the people but my money will be deposited into Chase from here on out.

  2. great bank always out to help with my Bill’s loans etc.the staff is great helpful . opened my mother her account there no problems now trying to get my wife to jump ship thanks ellen for all your dedication and hard work 👍😄

  3. Horrible horrible place.

    When we went to the door which slid open automatically, there was an obese woman sitting in a chair behind a piece of plexi glass wearing a mask. Before anyone could ask how this process was working, she was screeching “you can’t be in here without a mask. Sitting across the lobby was a small group of masked up people, looking like they were just herded into the cattle car. There was no time or opportunity to tell her why we had come to her gulag or that a quadruple bypass diabetic was not required to suppress their breathing for her or anyone else. In fact if truth be told this large person could be the poster child for who is the target group for this virus This woman shouldn’t have been near a door and she doesn’t have the disposition to be a receptionist.

    We were 200 miles from our credit union and they told us we could take care of our business at this one because they had a partnership with them. We discussed whether to see a manager or not but the thing was, we wouldn’t have done our business there anyway. I wasn’t inclined to do anything that justified that womans existence. We went out to eat and we called our credit union and told them we wanted the topic of this partnership on the next board agenda.

    We’ve pretty much had it with the half wit power plays. That woman was horrible and seemed to serve no purpose than to corral their own masked customers into a group with no social distancing and make them wait until someone could be bothered to help them. Like a bunch of little waifs begging for more porridge. These were their customers for God’s sake and they were treated like the credit union was doing them a favor. We’ve never experienced anything like this and that nasty thing violated our rights. Had we actually had accounts there we would have plowed her down and closed them. Unfortunately the best we can do is make sure no one is sent their way from a professional operation. Their pathetic service should can only reflect badly on those that are tied to them by association. We’ve been with ours for 30 years and if American Southwest isn’t removed as a partner…we will quit them too. You are the company you keep.

  4. Word of advice, do NOT use this credit union.
    Don’t finance anything through this credit union. Their ETF transfer when connected to another bank to transfer money to a loans will appear to work while in reality not actually going through. Never alerts you to the fact the payment didn’t go through or failed whatsoever. Then without so much as a letter, email or phone call, they’ll send you to collections. Call them to find out why payments aren’t being processed, they seem inconvenienced by the fact you want to find out why things aren’t working. If you move from the area, you’ll be required to pay a 10 dollar convenience fee to make a payment over the phone. No they can’t or rather won’t waive it even though you live 400 miles away.
    I’m not worried about covid, but it has resulted in the loss of jobs including mine. No, they will not work with you. Stay away from this financial institution…

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