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  1. Plaza Home Mortgage handled my mortgage for my house. Their website does not allow you to set up or cancel autopay. You have to call customer service for this. I had set up auto pay and everything was fine. Decided to refinance and called to cancel autopay in July. I did a manual pay from website for August. September, I was supposed to skip this payment as this was the month I was refinancing. For some reason, they took out my monthly payment. This was the money I was going to use to go into the refinance with. First they said they would send me a check in 5 days. That was denied, no one called me. Then they got it approved to put directly back into my account. 8 days and several phone calls later, I am still waiting on an update. They said it needs a manager’s approval and should not take this long. No one calls me to give me updates. I have to call them. The escalation team I speak with are very nice and agree with me and do show there is activity of people working on it. But it should not have happened in the first place.

  2. Seriously horrible. Because of them moving into our new home was delayed another week, and they let us know that the day before closing!!!! There was no problems just “backed up paperwork”. Don’t chose them

  3. Their website is useless to the nth degree. They took over my home mortgage loan in November when I refinanced for a lower rate. Since then I have only been able to access my account via their website once, and that was with the help of a customer service agent. It looked like everything was working fine, that was until I tried to access my account again. It was futile. Additionally, I requested the necessary forms for auto pay in December, it is now March and I have yet to receive them. I have had to pay my mortgage every month using their phone system with the threat of a possible fee added to my payment for doing it by phone. I keep hoping that they will sell my loan to a bank of actual aptitude.

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