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  1. Mark is awesome. My Fiancé and I originally intended to work with another lender who basically did everything they said they would. Pre-Qualify us, send us to underwriting and then fund our loan. We picked out our forever home to have it built from the ground up and we would visit the house every weekend. When the house framing completed and it was ready for drywall I worked out a plan with our family to ask my girlfriend at the time to marry me in the garage of our home which was under construction. We were building memories in the house we were planning on calling our forever home. 4 weeks before closing I got a call from the lender who said that they could not write the loan over some ridiculous stipulation about an old credit card from more than 7 years ago. Just like that our dream was gone. We were embarrassed, sad and every other adjective you could use to describe that feeling because we had to call our family and friends and tell them that we fell out of escrow, but really couldn’t tell them why because even to us the reason was BS. I had known Mark for a year and a half, and throughout the process would ask him questions and he would gratefully answer them and never pressure me to use his services. When we had fallen out of escrow I finally called Mark and explained the situation and asked if there was anything he could to help me and my family. This home meant so much to us, and we could not envision life without this home. Mark got to work immediately. He walked me through what exactly was the hold up (Which is wasn’t even that credit card), and the fix was simple. He was able to send us to his underwriting department first to see if they could write the loan before we reengaged conversations with the builder. He called and told us the good news and boom. Just like that we were back in the game. Mark was there every step of the way, and called us daily to let us know what to do, what not to do during the home stretch of funding the loan.

    Here comes the day for us to sign our documents at title, and we walk into the conference room and who is sitting there… Mark. The support he has shown me and my family throughout this process has gone above and beyond what most in his profession do. I’ve heard horror stories. We’ve even experienced our own, but Mark made this process seamless and exciting. Mark was a friend before, but during this process he became family. We decided that we were going to name our backyard in his honor. We’re calling it the TOMASZEWSKI YARD. I Thank you Mark. My entire family Thanks you.

    I’ve already recommended him to my close friends who happen to be moving into our new development and are not a 100% keen on their mortgage broker. I also suggest you do the same if you have any questions.

    Mark you’re the best.

  2. Working with Mark and People’s Mortgage was a great experience. As a first time home buyer I had many questions from the start. Mark was always patient with me and was honest with his responses. He made me feel very comfortable about the home buying process from very first meeting. He was always more than willing to accommodate all of our requests and always kept us in informed of the status of our closing. Him and his team were always on top of everything and got us to close very quickly without any issues. I would highly recommend Mark and his team.

  3. Mark was so helpful and responsive! He made my experience of buying my first home easy and stress free. Mark also made me feel very comfortable asking him questions throughout the whole process when it came to items that I did not fully understand without feeling embarrassed. I would recommend him to anyone who wants top of the line service.

  4. Mark is amazing to work with! He not only got me a refinance rate that I was thrilled with, but stayed with me throughout the whole process. He updated me constantly and guided me through the easiest financing process yet. On top of the exceptional customer service, the online portal was simple and intuitive. I would highly recommend Mark and his team, and look forward to using them in any future financing opportunities.

  5. We cannot thank Mark and the team at Peoples Mortgage enough for the awesome experience. As first-time home buyers, we had several questions regarding the mortgage process. Mark was able to walk us through it with ease. Mark kept us updated throughout the process and was always available to answer any questions we had. He went above and beyond several times. Mark was able to beat the competition and we were able to close on time without any issues. If you need a loan officer that is transparent, knowledgeable, professional and has the best customer service – do yourself a favor and call Mark!

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