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  1. The entire Potempa Team at Fairway are professional, knowledgeable, dedicated people and their service is phenomenal, quick and efficient The staff is extremely helpful with guidance through the whole loan process. I had the pleasure to work with Mikaela she is great and amazing! Being our first time we had zero idea what we needed to do or how the process worked and Mikaela was there I really recommend her, if had any question she would respond at any time, Mikaela was there for us every single step of the way guiding us from beginning to the very end. I can’t imagine having to use anyone else as a lender and i can not even put into words how highly i recommend them!! Thank you Mikaela for your excellent job and everything you do, from the bottom of our heart we appreciate your dedication, my family is very happy with our new home.

  2. I never thought in a million years that I (as the seller for my house) would have to step in and get involved with the loan for the buyers of my house however that’s what happened. This is after finding out that Jimmy had everything he needed as of Thursday last week to meet the June 3rd deadline. I was then warned on Monday that due to a hold up on his end we wouldn’t make the deadline and the close would be pushed back. Then I found out that Jimmy was no longer contacting or updating my real estate agent so I tried several times and left a message. Meanwhile the lender for my new house who had less time to get our loan processed was ready to fund and close on Tuesday but couldn’t due to Jimmy. After I called the branch myself and requested to speak with the branch manager I was told he was on the phone and would get back to me. In the meantime Ron inquired with Jimmy on what the hold up was. Rather than communicate whatever problems he had with my agent he passed the blame to my title company claiming they needed to fix 2 documents and send them back and were still waiting on them. I was surprised to hear they were waiting on my title company when all encounters I had with them as well as my agent and my lender has been very quick knowing they had a deadline to reach. I explained that their hold up was making me have to delay my movers as well as the delivery of our furniture and appliances. We had already missed days of work preparing to move forward on time. Then our buyers who have suffered the most have been living in a trailer since their home was destroyed by the Camp Fire. They are just as eager to get into our house as we are to move into our new house. Heck that fire has resulted in me having to work and commute 2 hours from home. So this isn’t just a loan but it means closure for 2 families. Closure that was being held up by this company that couldn’t communicate their issues in a timely manner so we can get past them and move forward. This company will also rather pass the blame then to accept it, deal with it, and move on. So if you’re looking for a responsible company that won’t require the attention of 3 different agents plus the seller to get involved as well as accept responsibility for their mistakes then I suggest you look for a different company. Even the buyers agent was lead to believe this was to be a desktop funding but was not and was never updated by the lender and instead found out from my agent. For the record I still have not heard from the branch manager.

  3. I am so lucky to get chance to work with Cory and Potempa Team. They are professional, diligent, and very understanding. With their help and guidance, I can finish my purchase in less than 2 months and with decent price.

    I have talked to four different lenders and none of them can compete with Potempa team. If my friends have plan to do house purchasing, I will no doubt highly refer Potempa team to them. If you want to get your dream house, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

  4. Fairway Mortgage with Matt Adams from the Potempa Team was an excellent choice for a home loan. Competeiive rates and fees. Excellent service. Every fee equaled what was quoted. Loan closed so quickly. Would highly recommend.

  5. Cory O. guided me throughout the whole process to help me purchase a house for our family. From our first conversation, he was pleasant and personable.

    He helped us increase our credit score so we can qualify for the various loan programs he offers. Most importantly, he also connected us to our real estate agent here in Los Angeles. He is always super communicative and easy to talk to.

    When sending offers, he adds the personal touch by calling the seller to back your offer up. Overall, I had an amazing experience with Cory and the entire team. THANK YOU!

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