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  1. I’ve had an account here since 2015, before this particular branch opened so when it did I was very happy to have one nearby where I lived. I work for a car dealer so I have a lot of exposure to auto finance, Sunwest offers very competitive refinance rates. I do all my auto loan business with them, just added my wife to my savings account so she can make deposits here.

  2. Great staff, I quit going to TruWest on Bell by the 17 to make my car payments because they staff is so rude. SunWest is customer based, professional and welcoming!

  3. The ladies and service was great. That being said. Wow for a credit union these people really are difficult to work with. Want an increase in your credit limit? They Hard pull on your credit. Want to pay your credit card with a separate account or debit card? Not allowed. want to open an account with them?hard pull on credit report. They will pull your credit for everything and anything. That’s now how credit unions should operate and if anything it is counter intuitive. They operate like any other big bank. Their ATM system is extremely dated and the tellers and loan officers don’t work with you at all and only base their decisions on your Experian. I have no idea how the reviews of this place are so high.. honestly they might be fake or purchased reviews. This place is absolutely terrible and operates worse than a big bank does. shop around at different unions before making a choice. Don’t bank here. Desert financial and other known credit unions in the valley are far better options.

  4. I have been a member for over 10 years. I love sunwest Federal Credit Union. I have always had good service. Sunwest looks out for their clients in ALL aspects of banking. There is an exception to the branch on Cactus & 25th Ave. We had a bad experience but that was one time out of 10 years.

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