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  1. If I could give 0 stars I would.

    Not only has Credit Union West screwed up my direct deposit on two different pay days, but the customer service is awful.

    My wife and I recently got married. I tried to mobile deposit a very generous (within the standard of mobile deposit) check my grandmother gifted us. Mobile deposit didn’t work (strike 3) and when I went into this branch to figure out why it was not going through, “they could not find what I was talking about” (strike 4). Thankfully I took a screenshot of the check and Credit Union West’s less than average app. This was my proof, and by some miracle, they were able to find out the issue. They told my wife and I to come back with the check and they would take care of it.

    Again, the check is made out to my wife and I (we had our marriage certificate with us) so today we had the honor of dealing with the assistant branch manager (after this encounter, it is obvious why she is an assistant and not a full branch manager).

    The assistant branch manager tells my wife and I, (I mentioned we had proof of our marriage certificate, state IDs, etc.) that we cannot cash this because her ID does reflect her married name. Are you F’ing kidding me? What other proof did you need (strike 5).

    Anyhow, I was not going to argue with the honorable assistant manager. After asking politely and showing her our proof, she still said no.

    I shut my checking and savings down that minute, and asked for all my money to be placed on a check. Without saying anything, she escorted us to the teller line and left.

    I am happy to announce I am with BBVA Compass now, and the customer service is MUCH better. I highly suggest them over CU West. Not to mention BBVA treats military, veterans, and public safety officials much better than CU West.

    DO NOT TRUST your money to this credit union, or this location. After my FIVE listed unfavorable interactions with them, I’m lucky I had proof of my accounts.

    You have been warned.

  2. Never had a problem here, I would like to see a coin machine at this location (like the one on R.H. Johnson), but no complaints here. Plus I really like that I’m not getting charged a bunch of fees and am actually getting money at the end of the month

  3. Customer Service not that Great, at All…

    ALWAYs SLOW as Molasses, not enough Tellers Open…

    No Shared Banking on Saturday… 😧

  4. Crooked people. Sent a letter saying I needed to close my account because of inactivity, when I get there they had a big sign saying branch closed because of Covid, when I was finally able to go through the drive thru to close my account they had stolen $20 out of my account as fees for not using my account even though with their office closed I had very limited access to my account. Will never do business there again.

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