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  1. Thanks to this Branch and Arizona Federal Credit Union in general, I will be trying everything I can to remove my loan from them and go elsewhere. Their customer service on the weekend sucks. I called to ask if this branch was open on Saturday, and was told yes. Well guess what, hard no. They say well use the Co-op to pay online. My CUwest has been trying for a month to get my accounts linked, not working. Now my truck loan will be late. Cut rate credit union, and it was not worth saving .05% interest using them.

    Hopefully Credit Union West takes the loan for me, and I can stay at my home Credit Union.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid Arizona Federal.

  2. This is the WORST financial institution location I’ve EVER encountered! They have horrific customer service. They are rude. And they are very stupid in that they don’t know how to apply common sense and logic to a situation. They don’t appreciate their customers at all. They are always “misquoting” fees, misrepresenting their products and services, lying to their customers and members, refusing to help or assist, and find ways to wiggle out of doing the very services they claim to offer. Often, the employees are busy stroking their ego instead of being kind to their customers. They will make you wait, even when there is NO ONE else there or in the drive through! They belittle and berate the customer all in the name of showing that they have power over you and your money. Many times I’ve been inside the lobby and found their behavior mean, hurtful, and extremely resentful. They are constantly hitting you with fees that most other institutions do not. They think nothing about inconveniencing you by causing delays that last for days and/or sending you 30 miles out of your way to another branch because they’re too lazy to provide the services offered. You are MUCH better off conducting ALL your financial business with ANYONE else. I also find it interesting that when I went to other financial institutions in the area, I was told that they have heard of these same complaints by many others. I’d stay away from this place!

    Oh and “AFCU Owner” who always replies to these negative reviews and says “oh, we’ll be in touch to get more information” to act and seem as if you would do anything to correct the issues. You’re full of BS. And frankly, the behavior and actions of your employees at that branch was SO TERRIBLE, RACISTS, and completely INEXCUSABLE the last time I was there, NO amount of apologies or discussion would EVER make up for that experience!!! That’s why I closed all of my accounts and took my business elsewhere! I will continue to tell people at EVERY opportunity of the disgrace to banking you are and how awful and completely disrespectful you treat people for as long as I live within the reach of your awful institution’s access to the public!

  3. Edit: We have now been in a pandemic. I certainly understand that branch locations had to be lessened (some closed) during the time we were in a lock down situation. But you STILL refuse to open your drive through. In the past there was always at least one employee greeting customers along with others not occupied with customers in person milling around inside the branch. Even if that is not the case now, I cannot understand the justification in forcing customers to come inside the branch to do business via tellers. If the teller can stand inside the bank they can do so at the drive through. You have ZERO consideration for the health and safety of your customers doing business this way in the middle of a viral pandemic. And truthfully you have no concern for that of your own employees as well. Please don’t advise me to use your app as I have already installed it for this reason (which also pisses me off) increasing my risk of a breach of my personal data. And please do not call or reach out to me. I just want this concern seen and noted. Until I can find another credit union I will be driving to the Glendale branch to do business and limit my exposure to this virus as best I can. If you ever decide to do the right thing and open the drive through THAT’S when I’d like to hear from you.

    Edit: Please open your drive through. This is just one more annoyance. Why do you insist on denying Surprise customers the convenience afforded to other cities?

    You open a branch in an outlying city to make it more convenient for your customers who live there, but close it on Saturdays. For those who work a typical schedule this is the one day a week we will likely use it.

    With this and the poor way you handle potential card fraud you are an annoying credit union to do business with.

  4. They are listed as a no fee ATM for credit union to credit to credit union online.

    This is NOT TRUE, they have a $3.00 fee, I had to pay them $3.00 to get my stimulus package money!

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