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  1. Friendly and comfortable transaction. All details were ironed out before we traveled 4 hours to Winslow. Upon our arrival, there were no surprises and all the documents and the vehicle were ready to go. We signed papers and were in and out in no time.
    Thanks Heather and Jason.

  2. so far horrible experience issue with my 97 f250 while traveling to Colorado with my wife as she is a crisis nurse/ first response all it needs is diagnostics so i can get the parts i need to do the work myself.. their important matter is an employees vehicle apparently that is more important than a first responder who is saving these people.. TIME TO GO DODGE!!!!

  3. Traveling through and have an issue with my F150 and the service writer told me he couldn’t look at it for two weeks. I explained I was from out of town and would be happy to leave it if they could work it in just to see if it was safe. No we don’t have time was the only answer. We can look at it in two weeks. Problem is there are no options in this area. Nearest towns are an hour away.

  4. Usually very good 3-4 stars. One oil change resulted in no damage after technician left the plug open. Luckily the design of the vehicle prevented all the oil from draining out. The tire company technician informed us and we called Winslow Ford and they covered all the cost of the tire shop work to correct the issue.

  5. Wesley was amazing from start to finish. When we weren’t really feeling anything on the lot he spent the time and effort to research and have the perfect truck for us brought in. He has been a constant support for any questions we have had after purchase and for the first time in out lives we are extremely happy with our car dealer. It was great to not be abandoned after the sale. I recommend Winslow Ford for that small town service you want. Thank you Wesley.

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