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  1. Vinesa is amazing! Talk about a lender who goes above and beyond to help you get your dream home! She is so personable and gives great advice and insight to making the right decisions for your home purchase. I would highly recommend her for anybody looking for a home and wanting a lender who just wants the best for you and is willing to put in all the time in the world to make your wish come true! Thank you so much Vinesa for all you’ve done!! We couldn’t have gotten our dream home without you.

  2. Vinessa, was AWESOME since the 1st phone call contact!!! My Best Friend gave me her company referral. She made it calm and so much Peace!! She reached out 4 me on just little things that she needed for my loan. I even asked a week before closing I if I can get extra funds on my cash out on my refinance. She even answered her phone on that Sunday, and She said she will look into it and let me know. She even sent out my payments to pay off all my debt!!! With her help, I am debt free, and my interest rate is 3.65%. She even set up a notary to me on a Saturday to sign my final loan documents! Thank you so much!!!

  3. Vinesa was very attentive. She answered all my questions providing detail in her answers. She kept us informed and advised us of the different options available to us. I would highly recommend her!

  4. Vinesa is great!!! Start to finish I recieved attention and communication as if I was the only client. I have recommended Vinesa to several others and will continue to do so. I am extremely satisfied and amazed with the service. I will am excited to find Vinesa and embark upon my next venture knowing she is such a great resource.

  5. Vinesa was awesome. She made the process easy, worked hard to get me a good rate, and handled all of the obstacles along the way. I would definitely recommend her services, and will work with her again in the future.

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