Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC – Tucson Corporate Office

 Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC – Tucson Corporate Office

 1725 E Skyline Dr, Tucson, AZ 85718, USA

 +1 520-547-2400

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5 Replies to “Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC – Tucson Corporate Office”

  1. Fantastic experience getting a mortgage through Sunstreet with another family member. Our loan officer Sandy McKee was totally awesome, straight forward, and honest about every step of the process. We were kept up to date on everything and every time we had a question Sandy answered it very quickly. The process of getting a mortgage was easy for us and the folks at Sunstreet were all wonderful. We love our new home and can’t thank Sandy McKee and Sunstreet enough for making our dream come true. You can’t go wrong getting a mortgage through Sunstreet they are awesome.

  2. My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Row and staff twice in the last year- when we purchased our house a year ago and again when we refinanced. Both times we’ve worked with Jennifer and loan coordinator April Richey. They have been so incredibly detail oriented, communicate clearly and often, and have just been a joy. This process could easily have been painful (x2) and it really was no stress. Thank you both!

  3. If there was a level lower than 1 star I would choose that. We worked 43 days to get a loan processed and after we locked in an amazing rate Elia dropped the ball on re-securing a loan rate. Then the appraisal was so late(after we paid for expedited service) that we missed our closing date. When we requested an addendum to the closing date that’s when we were told that their lenders would no longer do our loan type. $800.00 dollars later and Elia had no empathy and took no responsibility on where she dropped the ball.

    She said she has been doing this 18 years well in 18 years I would expect you to know better than being rude, telling people that she doing us a favor to call us at 8pm (she is such a victim) and hanging up on clients.😢. Oh and the icing on the cake 🎂 comparing this to the housing crisis in 2008.

    I will be telling everyone I speak with to avoid Sunstreet Mortgage.! One bad apple ruins it all 🍎

  4. My wife and I just finished a cash out refi with Pat, Christy, and the rest of the Sunstreet team. Given these extraordinary times, the whole experience went remarkably well. We appreciated the constant communication and attention to detail provided even when unforseen challenges arose due to the pandemic. We felt confident we were in good hands.

    We’ve been using Sunstreet Mortgage now for 6 years and have always had a wonderful experience! Thank you again for everything!

  5. Unknown to me, my loan was sold to the predatory Wells Fargo. I suggest you move with caution!!! I would never use this place again. I moved here from a different city just to get an unknown loan from predatory Wells Fargo. Please look up Wells Fargo records. Contact your Representative and your Senators. WF has several ongoing and new class action suits. One is a scam during Covid. How low can people go?? Please research people!!!!!

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