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  1. Worst School ever!!!
    Duel Enrollment: Had to argue with Counselor; I was over their level and needed it; kept refusing!! (Cost is Free)
    Early Graduation: Got in a fight with counselor (was refusing to let me even though I had no more classes I could take at the school), would have had to beg the district. And, this was only for the diploma. Was not allowed an actual graduation.
    FFA: The advisor, Mrs. Scott, is a con artist. I was in the club for over a year. Attended all but 1 event in total (only one to attend that many). Was the Treasurer and Secretary because she never showed up. Came to the lot every day outside of school and during 3 classes to care for Sow pig, 12 piglets, 100 broiler chickens, and 12 laying hens (which were left by here because they were too old to be productive). Also took care of the green house. I paid for the rabbit hutch to be completely rebuilt. I came in during other classes to aid her in her classroom. I even came in at lunch. Cleaned her classroom constantly and the lot itself. I missed every important family event all for her and the club. I was told I had to become President of FFA. I did. Then, I moved. I contacted a student about a pig I had bought from FFA. Found out from her that it was to be killed in 2 weeks time. Never Informed!!! And was owner!!! I called her and she said I owed $400. The pig was originally priced at $100. When parents asked for receipts to prove the price, she refused. She told the district I was an untrustworthy student and a terrible one. Me, who did most of the work for the whole club, nd even made a teaching plan for her (she was bad at it). me who got all A’s in the class. Me who was always present except for one time in over one year. She told my old friends lies about me, resulting in me losing them. Also, this advisor was well-known for cussing students out in class and outside of it. She made all purchasers of her pigs pay over the set $100 price (12-14 year olds without any parent help). She scammed the members into “volunteering” to do all the work for her children at the county fair (even showing all but two of them!!!). This teacher severely needs to be reported!!!! And Fired!!!!
    Classes: many teachers didnt have a teaching degree. One was even known for checking out female students! Not ok! All the people who run the school are from the same three Mormon families and are constantly proven to be biased. some of the teachers even alienated non mormons! Many teachers teach the Mormon belief heavily (BTW majorly illegal!!!). The classes were not nearly the level they should have been for a high school. Many students were bored and had to fight the counselors in order to get into the duel enrollment program. Students were allowed to ditch if “friends” if family with the teacher. There were many parts of the school that shpould be labeled as dangerous ( jagged sharp fencing flying around, rarely a nurse present, public could walk on campus any time without checking in, etc). Students were never encouraged to leave town/ go to college after high school. Instead, they were encouraged to do their “project” (Mormon church thing).
    Lunch: This was an “Open” campus school. Students could leave to anywhere with anyone. No one supervised. Also, when students did eat on campus, teachers on duty in the lunchroom and the people running the school would complain. They even began making announcements that told students to pretty much leave at lunch time.
    The only pro to this school was the schedule. it was from 8:30-3:30 on Mondays-Thursdays. Fridays were only for reteach and enrichment. Students were not required to show unless written up due to bad grades. This got students to get help from the teachers one-on-one. I found this very helpful, even as a highly advanced student.
    Overall, this is a horrible school. It should be shut down. It should have it’s school board, staff, etc wiped out for actually good staff that will look to help the students, not the church. Please, if anyone lives in this town and believes as do, please act on it!

    – Past sophomore student

  2. My review of Snowflake High school: We were there for Pioneer day celebrations. I loved going into the historic building on the North end for the craft fair. I really loved the statue of a wolf on a boulder. It was a great place to visit with my daughter

  3. Snowflake High School has been rated as one of the top schools in Arizona. As with any School it is not perfect and not everyone will like the style and atmosphere there but it works. The school excels in sports and music.

    Anyone looking for a good quality high school this is a good one.

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