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  1. Jeremy is without a doubt the best Loan Officer with whom I’ve ever been acquainted. And in my 15 years as a real estate agent/broker, I’ve dealt with a LOT of mortgage lenders. It is with great pride that I give Jeremy a 5 star rating and wholeheartedly endorse him as a true professional and trusted friend to my entire family.

  2. No need to fear, Jeremy House is here! Yes, I said that…because I really mean it! I can honestly say that I have no worries when my clients are in Jeremy’s hands. He simply blows the rest of the loan officers out of the water with his knowledge of the current market, honesty, communication and professionalism. It is obvious he has a passion for what he does and cares for every one of his clients. Not only do me and my clients think he is amazing but the cross agents and escrow officers appreciate him as well! His weekly updates and explanations to all parties keep everyone in the loop and avoid confusion. Look no further, “The House Team” is simply the best.

  3. Jeremy House and the House Team were amazing to work with! They have helped us in our last two home buying experiences in two different states and without them we wouldn’t have been able to get into either of our homes. He was so on the ball and is so knowledgeable about the market and mortgages that he knows whats best for each situation. Our first home was a foreclosure and we were able to get in within 30days which is super quick for a foreclosure and we even had some hang-ups on our end that he helped us get sorted out and still got us closed quickly. Our other home he was able to help us get into a better loan making our payments lower than we had anticipated. Hands down I would use Jeremy House and the House Team for all my home buying experiences!!

  4. I did my refinancing through Jeremy House and his team at Prime Lending. The process was quite painless and in fact it was completed with such expediency I was in a bit of a shock that it was done so quickly. Based on previous experiences with other lenders, the time was always delayed with small items that needed clarification or some other miscellaneous detail. These requests would hold up the process and of course create for me, an internal anxiety, while waiting on the final word that it was approved and done. I believe the results I encountered with Mr. House and his team was due to the fact that all of those details had been addressed at the beginning. Somebody has done their homework!
    In addition the attention to detail and the educational approach to assist the layperson, such as myself, understand the steps that are necessary was extremely helpful and comforting. It may be just me, but I like to know why and what I’m putting my money out for.
    Mr. House, along with Tanya and Alexis provide excellent, professional and thorough services. I just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for the fine work you did for me.

  5. Mr. House and the House team handled this USDA Loan like clockwork. When the Listing Agent agent received our contract with USDA financing, she had some reservations. Mr. House was kind enough to personally call her and explain the process and his experience and later that evening we had an acceptance! We were all consistently updated at each step of the process with information and support and our expectations were met with a solid ahead-of-schedule closing. This First Time Home Buyer was extremely pleased to get the keys to his San Tan Valley Home just Today! This was a smart deal all around.

    Note: even though there was no hiccup in this process, if there had been, I can’t imagine that it would have been from any lack of care or diligence on behalf of Mr. House and him Team. I would recommend them anytime for any type of loan. Thanks Again, Tom

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