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  1. Randy was excellent. He was very understanding and helped me through the whole loan process. He made sure I understood what was happening and answered any questions I had. I highly recommended price mortgage to friends and family. My experience with them was great!

  2. I would give zero stars if that was an option. Had the worst experience working with a loan officer for refinancing. Pretty much every thing that was stated during the first appointment changed, right from appraisal waiver (since the home was 2019) to all other costs. The person was never available to talk or clarify details and always seemed busy. The person was interested in getting the disclosures signed without providing any clarity on the numbers. The first estimate on closing cost given was ~$1000. As 3 weeks passed the numbers changed to 10 times higher and when questioned, it was pointed to the appraisal. The ridiculous part was the home was a 2019 home and the appraiser provided comps with 1998 – 2005 built homes not even the same sq.ft. Such a lousy job. That shows how lender biased it was and the worst part is I had to pay $485 for the fancy appraisal that lasted for literally 8 minutes.

    Disclosures will have to be signed over and over due to change in their terms and costs. Save yourself some pain and stay away from these brokers. Not worth it after 4 weeks of wasted time and effort and no proper responses and ever changing costs.

  3. No “0” stars available to give. Worked with a lady Loan Officer for over couple of weeks, information kept changing from start, several revisions to Loan Estimates and disclosures to be signed without explanation of the fees, time wasted.

    Decided to get away from this company to other mortgage brokers who can truly value your business.

    Review of all other ratings here on google, I have noticed that Ms. Bhatia has given 5 star rating, How can an employee give a 5 star rating to their own business…this rating is questionable. :-))) be your own judges.

  4. I highly recommend Brian Campbell and Price Mortgage. My refinance closed today. Their rates, their fees, their turn around time and their customer service are the best! Thank You

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