5 Replies to “Payson Care Center”

  1. Yeah, just got cut off in my car by some old grey haired guy. With a long face and a goatee. Luckily didnt look to have any passengers. I would fear for anyone driving through payson near one of their vans. Yikes!!

  2. Night staff was wonderful,day nurses were abite rude an snappy, husband went from 4pm the day he was released from the hospital till I took him out around 6pm the fallowing evening with out meds,facility was very unprepared.

  3. This place is great. Such a family feel throughout the facility. Very caring staff, highly attentive to patients’ and families’ needs. New leadership continues to improve upon what was already great.

  4. What a great sense of community for the facility. They are helping loved ones learn to video chat, keeping things clean and safe, and working hard to make sure morale is up. Their therapy team is great at getting patients stronger to prevent returns to the hospital.

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