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    I’m sitting here in tears over the way we’ve been treated and the way this has gone. Trust me we are not first-time home buyers. In 25 years, we have purchased 6 times or more (sometimes primary homes other times second homes). From the start we were lied to. Hey, not every application clears underwriting for various reasons. But, when a manager (Michael Vandee) assures you things are “all good” and you even get a “congratulations you’re approved” letter…you tend to make plans based on those assurances. They waited until 6 days before closing to renege on the deal. An honest “we can’t work with you” or “your finances are too complicated for us to handle” would’ve been gladly accepted. He repeatedly lied to us right up until the final hours with $5000 of our money at risk (earnest money deposit). KB Homes has threatened cancellation that we are in breach of contract. Who can blame them?

    For various reasons, we applied a different way and UNFORTUNATELY were persuaded to stay with Noble Home Loans. For 14 days it has dragged out AGAIN with the the blame being cast everywhere except where it belongs….on a deceitful, incompetent office. Again, straight up honesty would’ve saved us a lot of time, frustration and anger and now….$5000. My 82-year old father is convinced this is age-related discrimination and has contacted his attorney. He’s a disabled veteran!! While I can’t know for sure if this is discrimination it has to be criminal to be this deceitful. I have over 60 days of correspondence and text messages to back up every statement I have made. Do yourself a favor, choose from one of the hundreds of reputable mortgage companies.

  2. After having the worst experience ever with another mortgage company, Noble Homes Loans give me back the dream of being a home owner.
    The entire experience was fast and positive, the team went above and beyond to help us to accomplish my dream, the always return calls and emails even if they have to do it after hours.
    If i could give them a million stars I would, Thank you Brad for everything that you and your team did for us, Valerie you’re very professional and very carrying, and Carrie thank you for making this process very fast.

    Jose Payeras

  3. After a long and tedious process we went through with a different mortgage company only to be turned down. Brad and Valerie worked incredibly hard to help us at the very last minute. They were accommodating, and sincere in helping us have the house of our dreams. Thank you so much!

  4. If you are thinking about using this company, don’t. I dont know what is going on in this company but it isn’t good. There is a reason why there is only a handful of reviews. Their word doesn’t mean anything, they keep telling you a timeline and keep pushing it back. Three times to underwriting. The whole thing was a waist of time and money. 3800 worth of money. 2 months of being lied to. Nothing to show. There are good lenders out there, this isn’t it. Worst experience l have had.

  5. The process was extremely smooth and they were constantly helping along the way. I highly recommend !

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