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  1. I first met Clay Murray and then the team at Military Home Loans back in 2016 (THIS IS IMPORTANT) and I recently now, 4/15/20 closed on my first home.
    Over 4 years of time passed by where I had the intention of purchasing until I had the means to actually be able to financially and they were by my side each step of the way. They were encouraging, they were supportive; they made each conversation as enjoyable and filled with attentive, genuine care from start to finish. FOUR YEARS. I don’t even expect my friends to be there for me that long which made it feel like they treated me even more so as family.

    If you’re looking into the possibility of buying a home, PLEASE do yourself a HUGE favor and contact Military Home Loans. From top to bottom, they are there for you. When we got into escrow, their teamwork and operations really shined. From Clay being available to calm me down and walk me through the next steps at hours well away from the working day, Shiraney processing everything we needed and making sure we were good to go at lightning speeds around the clock and Melissa adding support and helping us all see this through, I can say that Military Home Loans not only made my journey to home ownership enjoyable, they made it possible. Thank you for everything guys!

  2. We felt like we were a part of the Military Home Loans family from the very beginning which helped us feel at ease. The entire process of buying a home was made clear, what to expect, potential roadblocks and what owning a home entails. We are so happy in our new home and are very thankful for the team at Military Home Loans, in particularly Luis. His calm guidance provided clarity during a very uncertain time. The laser focus on our goals and necessary steps to get there were made clear and he took many texts, calls and emails at all hours of the day. Thanks also to Shiraney who worked behind the scenes and dedicated herself to our loan application and documents which was very secure and safe. We highly recommend this amazing team to purchase a home.

  3. My name is Carlos and I worked with Clay Murray from Military Home Loans to get pre qualified for a home I bought in 2020.

    Before meeting with Clay I figured I would try to go through my bank – I figured since I bank with a certain financial company that they would take care of having been a customer for over 10 years.

    The response I got from my bank was curt and cold. Later, on the advice of a close friend who had purchased a home sometime before, they recommended Thank You Heroes, a real estate agency specializing in VA loans that work in conjunction with MIL-Home Loans.

    When I met Lynn from Thank You Heroes and Clay from MIL-Home Loans they expressed genuine interest in me and answered any and all questions I had.

    Clay made the process from beginning to end easy and he was always there to help facilitate any transaction or interaction. I always felt like there was an extra level of personal care whenever I would speak to him or Lynn about the homes I looked at and the one we eventually closed on.

    I felt that I was taken care of and not once did I feel like my questions or inquiries were ignored.

    Would I work with Clay, Lynn and their team again? 1,000% percent yes. Absolutely.

  4. I recently refinanced my home, and had the opportunity to work with agent Mr. Edward and Ms. Sim. They are very professional and helpful. Helped me get a good discount and low rate. Thumbs up for them, ask for Eric when you want to refinance you house, and you will be happy .

  5. Came into the process knowing nothing about buying a home or how the process worked. Luis Ortega and Shiraney Sim were extremely helpful and responsive when I had any questions. Luis composed videos breaking down the numbers for everything. My anxiety was reduced almost immediately upon the start of the process. Strong work.

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