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  1. I answered the phone by accident, I’m glad I did, I would recommend them to anyone who was looking for a mortgage broker. They have saved me a lot of money.

  2. My husband and I are working professionals in Houston, Texas. We were contacted by JFQ lending to refinance our home and we trusted them to move forward with the process.

    To our dismay, we were repeatedly given incorrect and conflicting information from the representative we were working with. We made payments on accounts and moved funds around based on their recommendations to achieve the best refinancing rate with no avail. We were basically strung along over an extended period of time and were told things had to be researched and reviewed by the representative’s manager on numerous occasions with no follow up and no resolve.

    After numerous attempts to get our refinance underway we were told that our representative had been let go from the company due to performance issues – no one from their office had contacted us to let us know this or to assign us to a new representative.

    We were also told that we had no open file with their office and that absolutely nothing had been done on our account. Again we were assured that we would be contacted again soon and get everything straightened out – but nothing was done and no one contacted us back.

    I would seriously caution anyone looking to refinance about choosing this company to assist them. Our experience was less than poor to say the least. At this point we’ve elected to go with another company and cut our losses with JFQ Lending.

  3. I have known people at JFQ for some time and never thought that I was going to really be able to get any help on my loan, but working with them, they were terrific. When the rates finally came down to a place where I would see savings, we discussed and the process was fast and easy.

    They never tried to sell me on a product that I did not need and really explained every step to me once we got the ball rolling.

    I am not one to put out a lot of reviews on things and generally I am more motivated to write when I am unhappy with something than when I am happy. This instance is very different however as I couldn’t be happier with the service that I received and I have told numerous friends and family about it and hope they can share in the great experience that I had.

  4. I was struggling refinancing with another mortgage company for months and never received responses. JFQ Lending was great from the moment I called Chris was working with me and had great fast responses, work really fast on our loan and we closed within a month due to the corona virus. I was very satisfied and happy, he was very professional and friendly and I highly recommend them.

  5. We recently performed a streamline refinance of our home and had a wonderful experience with Matthew Churchill of JFQ lending. Even in the midst of this current pandemic he provide timely responses and highly detailed information regarding where we were in the refinancing process. I strongly encourage anyone looking to refinance their home to contact one of the lending professionals at JFQ Lending. We hope to work with them again in the future.

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