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  1. I would like to write a review of what I have experienced working with Bryan Graves from Home Loans Mortgage Services Corp.
    Mr. Graves helped pave the rocky road of mortgage loans so that I could have a fun, pleasant and easy experience buying my home back in 2018, him and his team of dedicated hard working professionals made it so painless to find the perfect new Home for family and I!
    My realtor/Agent was Mrs. Helen Curtis, we had a very honest repour from the get go. Her knowledge of the homes in the area was beyond casual knowledge. She “KNEW” what would fix my needs and desires before we looked at the first home. She told the time to listen to what I wanted and not what “need to be sold”! I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking in the Tucson, Arizona area; you’ll be very pleased with her personality and professionalism.
    I was very pleased with all of Mr. Graves’s personal dedication to my loan process! Without his total knowledge of the whole pothole felled road of paperwork, it would have been a totally different process. He was on time and 100% sure of what was needed to be provide by myself, and did not waste my time with numberless call backs for more or other information after the first request of information needed. This was how it should be done! Thank you all!

    I am writing this review, because Bryan Graves has come thru for me and my family yet again!
    I wanted to do a refinance of my home and take out what money I had in the home. Well, being a Veteran, I thought I’d go with this company that labels it’s self as a “veteran friendly” loan company.
    I was thinking it would be a better way to go because of how they advertised. But, this was not to be and I was very stressed out by the handling of the loan process with this other company, to the point of calling Mr. Graves and witching my loan over to him and his team.
    I cannot stress how much I was relived and put at ease when I was told he could take it 100% over and he even saved me 1.25% over the other lender, PLUS more cash in my hands at closing! So if you are looking for a Loan company and reading this then you have found the perfect company to handle your business! Good luck and happy home hunting!

  2. We recently completed a refinance of our primary residence and cannot say enough good things about working with Bryan Graves! The entire process was extremely fast and smooth. Bryan ensured that he obtained our needed documentation upfront and from there he handled the entire process, until it came time for us to sign the final closing documents. I don’t think that I’ve ever had a loan process go so quick and smooth before. Thank you Bryan. Will definitely be doing work with you again in the future.

    Best Regards ~ Justin & Kim Thelen

  3. I worked with Brian Graves to refinance my home. He did an awesome job and made everything very easy. I would highly recommend him! He was able to do the whole refinance over email and the phone and I only had to meet with the title company to sign the loan documents. I loved how easy it was! Thanks Brian for doing such a great job in helping me refinancing my home!

  4. Bryan was great. He helped us get our mortgage when the bank we originally went to kept giving us the run around. He worked quickly and kept us informed every step of the way. I would recommend Bryan and House Loan Mortgage services..

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