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  1. I couldn’t give Summit Funding Inc. a rating less than zero stars because it doesn’t exsist, let me explain why. Tana Boersma and her husband Jay Boersma (branch manager) from Summit Funding Inc. Only did one thing while I was trying to do business through their company, and that was waste over three months of my time. As you know “time is money” in today’s society and its very unprofessional if a company is accustom to treat their customer’s time with this blantant disrespect. I would try to communicate with Mrs. Boersma the urgency of my business situation through phone call, text, and emails. However, Mrs. Boersma would only give me the runaround, saying she was busy or sick everytime I intended to communicate with her about my business situation. This happened over the period of over 90+ days, In fact, I am still waiting for a response from her and all it takes from her is a simple email response, since the last time I emailed her (three weeks ago)And still waiting on her promised email to finalize my deal. I just want to conclude by warning every future prospect who would like to do future business with these people at Summit Funding Inc. Don’t waste your time, because they will, try a serious bank instead. Have a good day, thanks for your time.RICK

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