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  1. Mark consistently kept us updated on the process and status of our loan. It was a lot easier than trying to go directly through our mortgage company. He made the process smooth and easier. He gave us regular updates and was very informative. He quickly responded to our messages. We enjoyed working with him. We highly recommend him and would use him again.

  2. The servicing of my loan was switched to Freedom Mortgage (FM) effective July 2020. My previous lender gave me my FM account number so I made my July 2020 payment and setup and online account with FM. I tried to access my FM online account for two days and kept getting a message stating my loan information could not be accessed so I called FM and went through the automated process to try and access my loan information. The virtual assistant said the loan number didn’t exist…the same one that I had opened an online account with two days prior so I eventually talked with a live FM representative. The live representative was clueless. She told me I had not setup an online account (I was signed into the account while we were talking), then told me I owed $25 (even though I had just made a payment for $500 more than my mortgage), told me FM had not received my payment (even though the payment had cleared my bank several days ago). I was with the company that previously serviced my loan for many years and they were great.
    They were professional, knowledgeable, and customer oriented. That isn’t the case with Freedom Mortgage. I would give them zero starts if I could.

  3. all I want to do is a recast and pay 20 thousand more at a cost but can’t get anyone to help me been hung up on always a run around been sent wrong paperwork and I am never late on payments very poor customer service

  4. We have paid over the minimum payment each month. It says, would you like this to go towards the principle. So, we have been doing that. Come to find out, they have been banking that money, earning interest on OUR MONEY! Their excuse, they hold onto the money until it’s enough to make a full payment! That is theft! They lie! That money you made off of us, belongs to us! You don’t deserve even 1 star!

  5. If you’re reading this, ask for Allen Moore.

    I haven’t heard from my Freedom Mortgage rep out of New Jersey after they offered me a refinance offer. Submitted the documents they asked for as quickly as they asked, signed the loan estimate as quickly as I got it, and haven’t heard from the dude for 2 weeks now.

    I called a number and got connected to Allen and I was reminded that one bad experience is not reflective of everyone in that company. Allen spent 30 minutes of his valuable time to do extended research and learn more about what was going on. Mind you 1) it’s not his job and 2) he had nothing to gain yet he still gave me a better service than someone out in Freedom Mortgage’s New Jersey office, who has everything to gain, has been able to give me.

    Although Allen could not get me through the finish line, I can’t help but think of what a better experience this could’ve been for me had Allen been my Freedom Mortgage representative.

    For that, your branch deserves a 5 star rating. I’d recommend Mr. Moore to anyone looking for a mortgage rep who cares about his company and more importantly you, the customer.

    To this branch’s leadership: if you haven’t thanked Allen for an outstanding job lately, I’d take a moment to do so, he definitely deserves it.

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