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  1. This is a very great friendly place to go if you’re in need for cash. They are also very helpful when you can’t pay. I’m grateful for the business of this company. Thank you.

  2. My experience was great, I was helped by Austin
    He was professional, helpful, and made sure i understood all information. I was helped in a timely manner….Thx FAL employees

  3. I had an outstanding experience with Fast Auto Loans. The clutch and slave cylinder went out on my truck. I didn’t have the money put away tonfix it. Though it was paid for and insured, no one would help me. I must have tried between 6 and 8 different companies, and everytime, all I heard was what they couldn’t do, why they couldn’t help me. So, I had given up hope at this point, but luckily, my girlfriend hadn’t. The same night she reported a place that claimed they could help… Well so did all the others, and I ignored it. Two days later I received a call from Fast Auto Loans. They called me! From the moment I got on the phone with them, there was no it can’t be done, no reasons it couldn’t happen, just solutions and making it happen! Not once. No joke, the same night three hours later therre was a notary at my place, which is litterally in the middle of nowhere I might add, taking pictures of my truck and signing paperwork! Next day I had my money. It was sweet and smooth and saved my bacon. However, the day I went to pay off my loan, my friend and I walk into the office and I tell them, “I’m here to pay my loan off.”, and my friend asks if they have a restroom, they totally, without hesutating tell him that don’t have public restrooms and try the gas station. Across the intersection. We had driven an hour to do this. I thought that that was rude and it left a bad taste in my mouth. So, I was going to give them 5 huge stars. But, now I have to give 4. Sad really, since the experiene was so flawless and amazing, but there it is. Thanks guys.

  4. What a joke. Most of these great reviews are from the people that work there or friends or boyfriends of the people that work there. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS!!! Even with me being off work and having COVID I got behind and they repoed my vehicle. After I already paid 4 times the amount of the loan. They tell their employees if they make them a million dollars in a year they get a bonus. A whole $100 bonus. They screw them on their benefits and raises. I know a lot more I’m not posting. Not yet anyways. Waiting until after court date. Some may ask how I know all of this?? I date a girl that works there.

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