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  1. Danny did a fantastic job with my refi. He was quick to respond to any of my questions and demonstrated he was extremely knowledgeable about all the options available to me. Danny kept in frequent contact with me via phone/email/text. He was sure to let me know when to expect to see paperwork coming my way. I signed my paperwork less than 3 weeks after he started the process. Danny provides excellent service. I recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or refinance a property.

  2. Danny did a great job helping me refinance my home. He was very knowledgeable and made the process very efficient and fast. I would use him again for future mortgage needs.

  3. I will tell you the truth about this company. I am a current VP at NOVA who would be at Altitude along with Danny (who is a fantastic man and Tucson’s best LO!!) had I accepted an offer to join. However, one of the owners, Faisal Adil, contacted me to tell me my current company was “going bankrupt and closing its doors tomorrow.” He made attempts to instill fear upon all of us and used our jobs as leverage promising me a fancy new title . This is his recruiting strategy: the spewing of lies and false promises. I knew the internal mechanics of our company and knew, with certainty, that doors were not being closed. This was an incredibly unethical manner to recruit in, and I was appalled. The owner’s means of getting employees is DISGUSTING and REVOLTING, that is information the public needs to know. From their website: “Altitude Home Loans first and foremost is a company based on human values.” He called each and every one of my colleagues and gave us all the same story. That quote is a lie, or he would not use fear mongering in his attempts to succeed. I am so utterly disgusted with their situation that I had to make this review; to not write it would be unethical. I have to warn consumers, and others in the industry against going with him. Faisal’s reputation within the industry is now tarnished due to this, hence is his company’s. I could not, in good faith, refer someone to this company where an owner with such immoral and unprincipled values is profiting.

  4. This was a very user friendly experience. Danny Plattner is very good at what he does and helped me achieve my refinance goals. I will definitely recommend Danny and Altitude Home Loans to anyone needing a home lender.

  5. Danny is exceptional at what he does. What he does is make your whole mortgage experience easy and painless. He thoroughly discusses each step and makes sure all the bases are covered. Overall a wonderful experience!

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