5 Replies to “Boulder Dam Credit Union”

  1. I’ve been with BDCU for quite a while. They are very professional and friendly. The online banking is great too. Especially since I moved out of state and decided to leave my banking with them.

  2. Zero Stars. This place has the RUDEST tellers imaginable, a teller supervisor who shows far more interest in her phone than in her customers, and a notary who lacks basic comprehension skills.

    I feel very fortunate to have discovered how awful this business is before giving them the privilege of financing my new home.

  3. I’ve never had more problems than with this credit union. Every time I call or come in it’s problem after problem. Would never recommend, for the love of god find a better bank.

  4. Boulder Dam Credit Union is a Credit Union for residents of Boulder City. The service is quick, careful, and caring. Once they get to know you, you are greeted by name and are always treated with care and respect.
    A Center for the Community! Couldn’t recommend it more highly!!

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