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  1. The worst utility I have ever dealt with hands down!!! There are SO MANY things to say but how about this: I have a business and residential account but as for my residential account nightmare (oh I have a major business account issue. Their meter wasn’t working correctly as it turned out and I was being billed huge bills and when I called about it, they said nothing is wrong and the ‘meters never fail’. When you hear that you know you are being lied to) but my apartment near the office I got a few months after the office and set up my account for autopay. It wasn’t set up correctly and I had to manually pay the bill online a few different times. The issue was resolved and autopay was working for about 6 months when out of the blue I got a call from APS telling me that autopay was no longer an option since I was late on more than 2 payments and I had to pay cash for an extra fee at retail stores every month even though it was working fine for half a year. That is just one of the many outrages these corrupt vermin do. VERY CORRUPT AS IS ARIZONA’s politicians that are clearly providing legal cover for APS to operate in such a criminal way. TOTAL OUTRAGE!!! People need to stand up against this kind of corruption or it will only keep getting worse which is hard to imagine. Look up APS reviews on Yelp. They only have 1 star but deserve none at all.

  2. Can never get through to customer support whether for power outage or billing. The State should take over the company. I keep paying but do not receive a bill.

  3. The phone number they provide is not a working number impossible to get anyone on the phone. They do not mail paper bills at all. All online. I have lived in my new home for 4 weeks and my power bill is damn near 400 dollars. These people are thieves. Employees/customer service is non existent.

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